‘Sister Wives’: Is This the reason that is real Browns relocated to Flagstaff? Lovers Have Theory

‘Sister Wives’: Is This the reason that is real Browns relocated to Flagstaff? Lovers Have Theory

Because the 2020 season of TLC’s Sister Wives started, numerous fans associated with show have now been baffled by the polygamist Brown family’s decision to go from Las vegas, nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona.

The sudden move left all four brand-new Las Vegas homes either lingering on the market or not even up for sale yet for one thing. 3rd wife Christine Brown stated your family ended up being economically “drowning, ” crushed by the fat of four mortgages back Las Vegas along side going and costs that are rental Flagstaff. Your family had difficulty attempting to sell their domiciles, making them hopeless and scrambling.

What’s more, all the Brown children didn’t appear pleased about your decision. A few of the Sister spouses’ children even needed to keep people they know and schools behind right in the exact middle of twelfth grade.

So just why did the Brown household relocate to Flagstaff? Even though the Browns had their particular reasons, some Sister spouses fans think the true description could have something related to 4th spouse Robyn Brown.

Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

‘Sister Wives’ fans have already been confused in regards to the Browns’ relocate to Flagstaff

The Browns claimed they had been planning a move for a while on the Jan. 5 Sister Wives season premiere. Kody along with his spouses initially left Utah for Las vegas, nevada they would be criminally prosecuted for their practice of polygamy because they feared. The household told individuals a“slower was wanted by them lifestyle” and much more time outside in Arizona.

Robyn additionally stated in the show that the spiritual family members ended up being stressed in what their young ones were consistently getting subjected to in Nevada. “Vegas changed a great deal throughout the last several years, ” she said. “So we began stressing much more about what the youngsters are receiving confronted with. ”

Kody included that the household would feel safer in a slower-paced, more rural area. “We needed seriously to transfer. We needed seriously to make an adjustment, ” he stated. “The timing was simply suitable for getting our youngsters away from Las vegas, nevada and into a secure spot. ”

A post provided by Christine Brown (@christine_brownsw) on Nov 28, 2019 at 1:58pm PST

Some audiences think Robyn Brown holds the main element

Some Sister spouses fans aren’t purchasing the Brown family members’s explanation for the move.

Numerous genuinely believe that your choice had more related to Robyn’s earliest son, Dayton, from a past wedding. Dayton has become going to Flagstaff-based Northern Arizona University (NAU) for a scholarship, and Robyn stated regarding the show that she had been focused on how long he could be from Las vegas, nevada plus the remaining portion of the family members due to their developmental impairment.

Robyn’s responses, and Dayton’s university plans, led some fans to trust Kody uprooted his spouses and young ones due to their wife that is fourth just.

“You understand what’s ‘incredibly unfortunate and strange, ’ Robyn? ” one critic had written to Robyn on Twitter. “Forcing a million children and 3 other grown ladies to market their beloved houses and move around the world because Dayton is beginning university in Flagstaff. ”

Another Sister Wives viewer agreed, composing it was way too coincidental that Robyn’s son ended up being school that is starting the Browns’ new town as well associated with move. “Coincidentally, they relocated to Flagstaff where Robyn’s son Dayton got a scholarship to university, ” the Twitter user penned.

Still another fan consented with all the concept. “When we discovered Robyn’s son Dayton ended up being accepted into the college russian bride in Flagstaff, it became all too clear why they certainly were moving and exactly why there is this type of rush, ” they had written on Twitter.

For her component, Robyn vehemently denied the rumors in Apr. 2015. Kody’s wife that is fourth to Twitter to declare that, while Dayton had gotten a scholarship to NAU, he had been initially intending to go to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, before the household announced their intends to go.

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